Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers on Corporate Gift Set

Does offer any corporate gift set which the price is less then rm50 per set?

Yes Definitely. As a General Rule, The Order Quantity will have a strong impact on the price of the corporate gift set. The Larger Ordered Quantity of the corporate gift set, the better price that we can offer to our value client.

Do you offer other type of corporate gift set which is not showcase in portfolio?

Yes. Absolutely! We can offer various type of corporate gift set ideas which able to full-filled client budget as well as the business goal because we have very strong relationship with our local corporate gift set manufacturer and international corporate gift set manufacturer.

Do you provide personalized corporate gift set or customised corporate gift set to local company in malaysia?

Yes. This is one of the our Core Strength because we have extensive experience in performing customized corporate gift set for some of our international client which require an extremely strict standard of procedure in producing the customized corporate gifts set.

Do you provide sample of customized corporate gift set for management approval before we start order the corporate gift set in bulk?

Yes. As the matter of fact, this is one of core service which provided by in order to archieve our business vision which is becoming the best corporate gift set supplier, best premium gift set supplier and best door gift set supplier in malaysia. We can deliver the Sample corporate gift set within 8-10 working days. ( T&C apply )

Do you have ready stock for corporate gift set?

No We do not keep stock for corporate gift set because  corporate gift set is highly customized.