Corporate Gift Set

corporate-gift-set-for-client-p1-3 is a inspiration of the founder of Galaxy Meridian Sdn Bhd which has an strong interest in corporate gift set and personalized business gift set. is trades under the name Galaxy Meridian Sdn Bhd and is a company which specialize in providing one-stop solution in custom-made corporate gift set with corporate logo. 

Why Branded Corporate Gift Set ?

  • Create “WOW” Factor to impress your future target customers and Existing Royal Client.
  • Corporate Gift Set Normally Come with trendy Box with Company logo on it, which mean this gift set is going to look professional and exclusive.
  • Corporate Gift Set is Highly Flexible where you can perform mix and match gift item within the same category which is best suit to your target customer characteristics.
  • Corporate Gift Set is more valuable and look expensive compare to normal corporate gift which have simple packaging. Corporate Gift Set is best to attract high quality premium client via marketing campaign.

Corporate Gift Set Specialist

We Research, We Design, We Manufacturer, We Deliver

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Why Do Corporate Clients Use Our Service

High Corporate Gift Set Quality vs Fair Pricing is Our Ultimate Goal
Massive experience in high standard Corporate Gift Set design process
Custom-made corporate gift set with premium quality feeling
Sample Corporate gift set with logo will be provided upon request

Our Corporate Client

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